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SL Date Group Description
1.01-03-2019MO/SILetter 1081 Transfer order of MO/S.I
2.21-02-2019OTHERSLetter 913 Date 21.2.2019 Deputation of BCO as AGM
3.21-02-2019MO/SILetter 912 Date 21.2.2019 Transfer/Posting of S.I
4.21-02-2019MO/SILetter 911 Date 21.2.2019 Transfer/Posting of S.I
5.21-02-2019MO/SILetter 910 Date 21.2.2019 Transfer/Posting of M.O
6.11-02-2019MO/SILetter 738 Date 11.2.2019 Transfer/Posting of S.I
7.08-01-2019OTHERSLetter 145 Deputation of ADSO.
8.18-12-2018MO/SILetter 5796 Date 18.12.2018 Transfer/Posting of S.I
9.18-12-2018MO/SILetter 5795 Date 18.12.2018 Transfer/Posting of M.O
10.08-11-2018DSOLetter 5284 Date 08.11.2018 Transfer/Posting of D.S.O
11.08-11-2018DSOLetter 5283 Date 08.11.2018 Transfer/Posting of D.S.O
12.19-09-2018MO/SILetter 4572 New Posting of SI
13.04-09-2018MO/SILetter 4307 Additional Charge of M.O/S.I
14.31-08-2018MO/SILetter 4260 Transfer Order of MO/SI
15.31-08-2018MO/SILetter 4258 Transfer Order of MO/SI
16.31-08-2018MO/SILetter 4259Transfer Order of MO/SI
17.29-06-2018OTHERSLetter 3097 Date 29.06.2018 Transfer/Posting of A.D.S.O
18.29-06-2018MO/SILetter 3096 Corrigendum Transfer Order of MO/SI
19.29-06-2018MO/SILetter 3095 Corrigendum Transfer Order of MO/SI
20.29-06-2018MO/SILetter 3094 Transfer Order of MO/SI
21.29-06-2018MO/SILetter 3093 Transfer order of MO/SI
22.29-06-2018DSOLetter 3092 Transfer order of DSO
23.30-05-2018DSOLetter 2579 Transfer order of DSO
24.13-03-2018MO/SILetter 1318 Date 13.03.2018 Transfer/Posting of M.O
25.13-03-2018DSOLetter 1317 Date 13.03.2018 Transfer/Posting of D.S.O
26.28-02-2018OTHERSletter 1065. Deputation order of BSS .
27.26-02-2018MO/SILetter 992 Transfer order of M.O.
28.21-02-2018MO/SILetter 916 Transfer of M.O.
29.09-02-2018MO/SILetter 709 Transfer of M.O.
30.04-12-2017MO/SIletter 6159 dt 04.12.2017 Transfer Order of M.O
31.06-11-2017MO/SIletter 5902 dt 06.11.2017 Transfer Order of M.O
32.02-11-2017MO/SIletter 5539 dt 02.11.2017 Transfer Order of M.O
33.10-08-2017OTHERSLetter 3940 dt 10.08.2017 Additional charge Directorate
34.24-07-2017MO/SILetter 3494 date24.07.2017 Transfer of MO/SI
35.24-07-2017MO/SILetter 3493 date24.07.2017 Transfer of MO/SI
36.19-07-2017MO/SILetter 3445 date 19.07.2017 Transfer of MO/SI
37.30-06-2017MO/SILetter 3110 date 30.06.2017 Transfer of MO/SI
38.29-06-2017OTHERSLetter 3086 Date 29.06.2017 Transfer/Posting of A.D.S.O
39.29-06-2017DSOLetter 3085 Date 29.06.2017 Transfer/Posting of D.S.O
40.02-05-2017DSOLetter 2085 Date 02.05.2017 Transfer/Posting of D.S.O
41.15-03-2017MO/SIletter 1361 T.O of S.I/M.O
42.19-10-2016DSOLetter 6144 Deputation of DSO
43.14-09-2016MO/SIletter 5679 T.O of S.I/M.O
44.05-07-2016MO/SIletter 3997 Deputation of M.O
45.30-06-2016DSOletter 3932 Transfer of DSO
46.30-06-2016OTHERSLetter 3930- Transfer of ADSO
47.30-06-2016DSOletter 3928 T.O of S.I/M.O
48.30-06-2016MO/SIletter 3929 T.O of S.I/M.O
49.01-04-2016MO/SILetter 2179 Transfer of M.O/S.I.
50.01-04-2016MO/SILetter 2178 Transfer of M.O/S.I.
51.11-03-2016MO/SILetter 1766 New Posting Of MO/S.I.
52.08-03-2016MO/SILetter 1640 New Posting Of MO/S.I.
53.23-02-2016MO/SILetter 1317 Transfer of M.O/S.I.
54.15-02-2016MO/SILetter 1064 Deputation of S.I
55.08-02-2016MO/SILetter 929 Transfer of M.O/S.I.
56.08-02-2016MO/SILetter 928 Transfer of M.O/S.I.
57.08-02-2016MO/SILetter 927 Transfer of M.O/S.I.
58.02-02-2016MO/SILetter 750 Deputation of M.O/S.I.
59.20-01-2016MO/SILetter 9077 Deputation of M.O/S.I.
60.07-12-2015MO/SILetter 9077 Transfer of M.O/S.I.
61.07-12-2015MO/SILetter 9078 Transfer of M.O.
62.09-09-2015MO/SILetter 7244 Date 09.09.2015 Transfer of M.O
63.09-09-2015MO/SILetter 7243 Date 09.09.2015 Transfer of M.O
64.04-09-2015MO/SILetter 7075 Date 03.09.2015 Transfer of S.I/M.O
65.04-09-2015MO/SILetter 7074 Date 03.09.2015 Transfer of M.O
66.04-09-2015MO/SILetter 7073 Date 03.09.2015 Transfer of M.O
67.04-09-2015MO/SILetter 7072 Date 03.09.2015 Transfer of M.O
68.04-09-2015MO/SILetter 7071 Date 03.09.2015 Transfer of M.O
69.21-08-2015MO/SILetter 6670 Date 21.08.2015 Transfer of S.I.
70.21-08-2015MO/SILetter 6669 Date 21.08.2015 Transfer of S.I.
71.11-08-2015DSOLetter 6379 Date 11.08.2015 Transfer of S.I.
72.11-08-2015MO/SILetter 6378 Date 11.08.2015 Transfer of S.I.
73.11-08-2015MO/SILetter 6377 Date 11.08.2015 Transfer of M.O.
74.11-08-2015MO/SILetter 6376 Date 11.08.2015 Transfer of M.O.
75.11-08-2015OTHERSLetter 6370 Date 11.08.2015 Transfer of ADSO
76.30-06-2015MO/SILetter 5020 Date 30.06.2015 Transfer of S.I.
77.30-06-2015MO/SILetter 5019 Date 30.06.2015 Transfer of M.O
78.30-06-2015DSOLetter 5017 Date 30.06.2015 Transfer of D.S.O
79.30-06-2015MO/SILetter 5016 Date 30.06.2015 Transfer of S.I
80.30-06-2015OTHERSLetter 5015 Date 30.06.2015 Transfer of A.D.S.O
81.30-06-2015DSOLetter 5001 Date 30.06.2015 Transfer of M.O
82.30-06-2015MO/SILetter 5000 Date 30.05.2015 Transfer of S.I
83.30-06-2015MO/SILetter5014 Date 30.06.2015 Transfer of SI/M.O
84.10-06-2015DSOLetter 4559 Transfer of DSO
85.25-05-2015MO/SILetter 4162 Posting of New S.I.
86.24-04-2015MO/SILetter 3314 dated 22.04.2015- Posting of SI
87.22-04-2015MO/SILetter 3320 dated 22.04.2015- Posting of SI
88.17-04-2015MO/SILetter 3221 Transfer of S.I.
89.12-03-2015MO/SILetter 2055 dated 12.03.2015- Posting of SI
90.11-03-2015DSOLetter 2032 Date 11.03.2015- Transfer order of DSO
91.03-03-2015MO/SILetter 1877 dated 03.03.2015- Posting of SI
92.18-02-2015DSO1482-Transfer order of MO
93.29-01-2015DSOLetter 907 Date 29.01.2015- Transfer order of DSO
94.29-01-2015DSOLetter 908 Date 29.01.2015- Transfer order of DSO
95.07-01-2015MO/SILetter 167 Transfer of M.O
96.05-01-2015OTHERS94- Transfer order of ADSO
97.26-12-2014DSO9896- Transfer order of DSO
98.10-11-2014MO/SIपत्रांक 8462 दिनाक 06.11.2014 कौशल कुमार मंडल के योगदान समर्पित करने के सम्बन्ध मे
99.27-08-2014MO/SI6973-Transfer order of MO
100.21-08-2014OTHERS6677:-विभागीय स्तनांतरण-पदस्थापन आदेश के अनुपालन के संबंध में
101.31-07-2014OTHERS5004-Transfer order of bso
102.30-06-2014OTHERS3947-Transfer Order of BSO/MO
103.30-06-2014OTHERS3944-Transfer Order of BSO/MO
104.30-06-2014OTHERS3946-Transfer Order of BSO/MO/SI
105.30-06-2014MO/SI3945-Transfer Order of Supply Inspector
106.30-06-2014DSOTransfer Order of DSO
107.30-06-2014OTHERSTransfer order of ADSO
108.04-03-2014MO/SITransfer Order of BSO/SI
109.20-02-2014MO/SI1398-Transfer order of BSO/SI
110.20-02-2014MO/SIPosting of Supply Inspector
111.19-02-2014MO/SIPosting of Supply Inspector
112.19-02-2014OTHERS1369-Posting of AGM
113.18-02-2014OTHERS1571-Transfer order of Assistant Godown Manager
114.18-02-2014MO/SI1337-Transfer order of SI
115.17-02-2014DSO1301-Transfer order of DSO